Pipe bursts can be a major disaster

Pipe burst is one of the most common plumbing problems both at home and in the public system and this may happen at any time. The most common cause of pipe burst is freezing. Cold temperature is one of the most common problems of pipe burst. Apart from that, water pressure, corrosion, poor pipe condition, clogged pipe condition may be other causes of pipe burst. When pipe bursts, it creates various related problems apart from water logging and eventually causes major damages on the floor, walls and furniture.


Steps to be Taken After Pipe Bursts:


When a pipe bursts in some part of your house, immediately stop the main water supply. Switch off the electric supply of the house because electricity in connection with water is dangerous. Do not apply your knowledge to join the pipe. It will just spoil your time and energy. Immediately call efficient plumbers who stay near your house. Start prompt removing of water with the mops, buckets, brooms, towels and wet and dry vacuum cleaner to save your furniture, floor and walls from water damage.


Preventive Measures:


Prevention is always better than cure. So do not wait till your pipe bursts and creates massacre at your home. Do not let your pipe come till bursting point. Check all pipes of your home at a regular basis. Do not ignore the smallest hole in the pipe because the minor hole may turn bigger within a day because of water pressure and the situation will go out of the hand. So, timely check up is necessary.

People living in colder climate should keep their main water supply of home turned off when the house remains vacant especially when the inmates go for a vacation. Let water drip from the tap, this will prevent freezing. If you suspect frozen pipe use hair dryer, heating pad, heater to melt the frozen water at the very primary stage. Also keep your main electric switch off when you are not at home. Maintain a list of reputed plumbing companies. Not all plumbing companies have round the clock service; so, make a list of emergency plumber well in advance after performing good researches. Also maintain a list of water damage professionals because carpets, floors, wooden furniture become severely damaged after pipe burst.


Major Problems Caused Due to Pipe Burst


Burst pipe, whether it is a minor or major breakage mainly creates damage on walls. Regular water seepage leaves marks, spots and in the long run creates moss and moles on the wall. Both inner walls and outer walls of the house get damaged easily by burst pipe. Floors also become equally damaged by bursting the pipe. Burst pipe means water logging and water logging for a long time in the floor may create a permanent mark on the floor.

Excessive water flow on carpet may turn it reusable. Pipe burst damage carpet most of the time. Be cautious about the electric supply of your home. Water and electricity may cause short circuit coming in connection with other. Accumulation of water due to burst pipe even for a shorter time take a toll on your interior furniture especially when they are made of wood, ply and metal. Wet, furniture, wet wall, wet floor and wet carpet are breeding ground of different molds which may make your ill if you use them for a long time. People with lung or asthma condition get sick easily in this condition.


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